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Celebrating the 23rd Annual
RBA Concert Season

Another great selection of performers in a comfortable setting at reasonable prices

Individual show tickets: $20/advance, $25/door
As always: Half-price for teens and all students, free for under-13 and music students.

Jamming starts at 5:00, Doors Open at 7:00, Showtime is 7:30

New for the 2014-15 Season we will have special host for a Slow Jam:
10/18 Jack Tuttle
11/1 Richard Brandenburg
12/6 John Kornhauser
1/17 Sonia Shell

2014-2015 Season

October 18
Blue Diamond Strings

November 1st
Kathy Kallick Band

December 6th
Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley

January 17th
The Tuttles with A.J. Lee

5 pm: Doors open for jamming
7 pm: Concert venue open
7:30 pm: Showtime

TICKETS: $20/advance, $25/door
Half-price for teens and all students; free for under-13 and music students

October 18, 2014

Blue Diamond Strings

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View
1667 Miramonte Ave. (at Cuesta Dr.), Mountain View

Blue Diamond String Band Eric Thompson
Kate Brislin
Jody Stecher
Suzy Thompson
Paul Shelasky
Paul Knight

Six Bay Area acoustic music veterans who have collaborated in various combinations now come together to play an amalgam of bluegrass, old time, and blues.

This sort of musical fusion is nothing new for these musicians. Eric, Jody, Paul, and Paul are members of Kleptograss, transforming the music of many cultures into something resembling bluegrass, and they also play together in The Black Mountain Jungle Boys. Eric and Suzy performed similar musical alchemy in the Bluegrass Intentions. Eric, Kate, and Suzy were members of the Blue Flame String Band, spicing their bluegrass and old time music with blues and Cajun stylings, and Kate and Suzy were part of the Any Old Time String Band, bringing swing and Cajun into an old time setting.

The germination for this band began exactly 50 years ago(!) when Eric and Jody joined forces with Jerry Garcia in The Asphalt Jungle Mountain Boys, and collaborations among band members have continued ever since. Jody and Kate have been singing together since 1974, presenting a sterling and soulful repertoire that encompasses all the genres mentioned above, along with recent compositions and ancient folk songs. Suzy and Eric have been a duo for nearly as long, and also are dedicated to the pursuit of weird and obscure old-time American music, adding a bit of Puerto Rican hillbilly music to the mix. Both Pauls have been in numerous bands that cover a variety of musical bases. Paul Shelasky spent more than a decade in the Good Ol' Persons and just as long in recent times with Blue & Lonesome; Paul Knight has played in Peter Rowan's band for more than 15 years, and hosts a wildly eclectic music series that has found him in the company of every imaginable style of musician. Paul Knight and Jody have been bandmates in Perfect Strangers and the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, Jody and Eric played often as a duo in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and most members of this band backed Jody on his recent “Wonders & Signs” album.

The combination of these experienced, innovative, and powerful musicians and singers promises to be exciting, compelling, satisfying, and … surprising. RBA is thrilled to provide the stage for the debut of another chapter in the distinguished careers of the members of Blue Diamond Strings.

November 1, 2014

The Kathy Kallick Band

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View
1667 Miramonte Ave. (at Cuesta Dr.), Mountain View

The Kathy Kallick BandKathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Annie Staninec: fiddle, vocals
Cary Black: acoustic bass, vocals
Greg Booth: dobro, banjo, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, vocals

RBA is excited to welcome back the Kathy Kallick Band, who have been on a tear since their last appearance here: a hit album/song, cover story in Bluegrass Unlimited, accolades aplenty, and standout appearances at festivals from RockyGrass, Wintergrass, and Pickin' In the Pines to Strawberry, the CBA's Father's Day Festival, and IBMA showcases.

Time -- the CD and the song -- is the hit, and its mixture of original and classic material mirrors the distinctive combination of traditional and contemporary sensibilities that has come to define the Kathy Kallick Band. Time and the KKB’s previous release, Between the Hollow and the High-Rise, have spent more time in the national bluegrass charts -- and were the highest-ranked bluegrass releases on the folk-dj chart -- than any other releases in recent years.

"Kathy's working with the finest group she’s ever assembled. Time is unforgettable; the songs seep into your consciousness slowly but inexorably, and you find yourself cueing up the album again and again. Each time you do, you learn a little more, and you’re richer for the experience." - David McGee, Deep Roots

In the past year, Kathy also has issued a solo collection of original story songs, Cut To the Chase, and, with Laurie Lewis, a tribute to their mentors, Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs Of Vern & Ray. That makes a total of 19 albums by Kathy, recordings which include nearly 150 of her compositions. During the past year, Tom released a mandolin jazz collection, Jazzolin, Cary made albums with the Rhythm Bugs and Rouge, and both Annie and Greg begin recording their own solo albums.

Kathy has won a Grammy and two IBMA Awards, received a Lifetime Membership from the California Bluegrass Association, appeared on three high-profile Rounder collections of bluegrass songs by women, toured throughout North America, Europe, and Japan, had five title tracks and albums each spend a year in the upper echelon of the national bluegrass charts, and is featured in Murphy Henry's recent publication, Pretty Good For A Girl: Women In Bluegrass, but the collaboration with her mighty current band is a career high point. The Kathy Kallick Band has nearly as much fun as the audience when performing. The material is compelling, the tone ranges from humorous to bittersweet to soulful, the instrumental playing is electric, the vocals luminous, the presentation inclusive. As was once said about another California band: They're not just the best at what they do; they're the only ones who do what they do.

“This is a top-notch band led by a woman with the warmest, richest voice in our music today.”
- Katy Daley, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country

December 6, 2014

Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley

Location TBD

Dale Ann Bradley and Steve GulleyDale Ann Bradley (guitar, vocals) and Steve Gulley (guitar, vocals) -- that's it. And it should be memorable.

We thrilled to their heavenly harmonies in a band context a couple years ago, and now we have the opportunity to experience this dynamic duet with no distractions.

Dale Ann is a five-time winner of the IBMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, has collaborated with all the top bluegrass musicians, and is one of the most engaging performers in the music. Steve co-founded and led both Mountain Heart and Grasstowne, was a notable member of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, and has had his compositions recorded by a number of top bands.

Perhaps most significantly, "Steve and I grew up together," says Dale Ann. "We each know what the other one's going to do." Theirs is a duo honed by common experience, a similar approach to the music, and years of singing together. This should be a very special performance.

January 17, 2015

The Tuttles with A.J. Lee

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View
1667 Miramonte Ave. (at Cuesta Dr.), Mountain View

The Tuttles with A.J. Lee"With singing and picking like this, these young players are a welcome wave of the future.” (Bluegrass Unlimited)

The next generation of bluegrass masters is here!

RBA has been presenting these “hometown heroes” since they were pre-teens, and have delighted in watching them grow up on stage and mature musically. Long ago surpassing the “pretty great for kids” handle, this is a truly exceptional band. Come & see them while you can; you’ll be delighted and amazed!

“The picking is HOT and the singing is complex and gorgeous. Molly has a voice that is unique and very traditional at the same time, rich and sweet and incredibly moving. And when she blends that voice with A.J., well, chills up and down my spine! A.J.'s voice has a contemporary bluegrass sound that matches fragility with strength and confidence. Michael and Sullivan played virtuoso solos that made me burst into laughter, as I do when music delights and amazes me.” (Kathy Kallick)

Jack Tuttle is an experienced and highly-regarded music educator who gave his kids their first music lessons, passing along what he learned as a member of the original Tuttle Family Band that his father Gerald started many decades ago on the family’s farm in Illinois. Those three kids now sing and play bluegrass with skill and spirit far beyond their years, and have been collaborating for the last six years with another teenaged phenom, A.J. Lee.

The Tuttles with A.J. Lee are:
Molly Tuttle (21) - vocals, guitar, banjo
A.J. Lee (16) - vocals, mandolin
Sullivan Tuttle (18) - guitar, vocals
Michael Tuttle (16) - mandolin
Jack Tuttle (ageless) - acoustic bass, fiddle, vocals

"The members of the Tuttles with A.J. Lee are all very talented, offering skillful solos throughout. Molly, A.J., Sullivan, Michael, and Jack work well together, moving easily between classic and newer sounds. Like many younger bands, the group does sound more comfortable on the more modern pieces, but it’s nice to see them honoring tradition as well.” (John Goad, Bluegrass Today)

An overview of their recordings and awards to date:

AJ Lee: forthcoming solo EP
The Goodbye Girls (with Molly Tuttle): Going To Boston (
John Mailander (with Molly Tuttle): Walking Distance (Hoping Machine/2014)
Molly Tuttle & John Mailander: Molly Tuttle & John Mailander (Back Studio/2014)
The Tuttles with A.J. Lee: Endless Ocean (Back Studio/2013)
The Tuttles with A.J. Lee: Introducing The Tuttles with A.J. Lee (Back Studio/2011)
Molly & Jack Tuttle: The Old Apple Tree (Back Studio/2007)

Jack Tuttle: 11 books (

The Tuttles with AJ Lee: Best Bluegrass Band (2x)
Molly Tuttle: Best Guitarist, Best Female Vocalist
Michael Tuttle: Best Mandolin Player
Jack Tuttle: Best Fiddler
A.J. Lee: Best Female Vocalist (4x)

IBMA Momentum Award (Vocalist)
Merit Scholarships to the Berklee College of Music, Boston
Hazel Dickens Memorial Scholarship (from the Foundation for Bluegrass Music)
First place, Chris Austin Songwriting Competition, MerleFest
First place, FreshGrass Festival's Duet Contest (with John Mailander)
Second place, Fresh Grass Festival’s Band Contest (with John Mailander & Ethan Jodziewicz)
Second place, Prairie Home Companion Duet Contest (with Jack Tuttle)
Graduate (Artist Diploma in Guitar Performance), Berklee College of Music

In a 2011 interview in Mother Jones magazine, A.J. Lee was asked what she likes about bluegrass. Her response: "Usually folk and bluegrass music tell story songs, unlike nowadays, when it's all about the bass and the drums that get you dancing. These songs get you dancing AND they tell a story. Sometimes they're songs about the past, so you get to learn a little bit of history. And you get to have fun. Usually when you're playing you're smiling and laughing.”

You will be too — Jan. 17th at the Mt. View Presbyterian Church.

"Makes you wanna sit down in their kitchen and jam. Even if you could, Molly's voice could easily make you drop your picks.” (